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Dubai is in itself a whole universe. You get everything from pin to aircraft, and all those who eat with the golden spoon and those who work economically like the city are dear to you. But weekends are a perfect opportunity to see the neighboring emirates of the Aegean which are similarly nice and enjoyable places to visit for local residents and visitors who are living in Dubai for a long time. If you just want to find the best attractions of the bordering cities of Dubai, here is an exclusive list of the best places Dubai

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and is ranked as one of the best towns in the world to live in. Abu Dabi is a popular tourist destination, and not just a commercially busy spot. Abu Dhabi is a culturally rich town situated on the island of the Persian Gulf which is the world’s biggest loom taped tapet with the fastest roller coaster and the highest tea, and more. Visit the town for a thrilling town that can never rest, but it will always deliver the ideal chance to relax and enjoy.


UNESCO has named Sharjah the cultural capital of the UAE with its plentiful culture sites and attractions, it is your place to explore the beauty of Arab culture and Islam. Sharjah city may not be as beautiful as Dubai and sexy but it is definitely the best location in Arab world heritage. It is also the only one of the 7 UAE emirates to prohibit alcohol.

Ras Al Khaimah

Rás al-Khaima sits in the northern part of the country, the fierce Hajjar mountain surrounds the emirates, while the sandy beaches make it feel peaceable. One of the most stunning emirates complete the picturesque UAE. The adventure lovers love this vast oasis and enjoy some of the finest adventure sports on the beach. From sunny deserts to natural water bodies, outdoor sports, to leisurely beaches, the tiny emirates have all. For visitors as well as local residents, Ras Al Kahaimah is one of the most visited stays of Dubai weekend.


Well known to be one of the 7 magnificent emirates and a part of the UAE due to its pristine beaches and border of the Hajjara mountains. The colossal Sheik Ayed Mosque and the magnificent 17th-century Fujairah Fort feature a prominent square and towers is located in the town of Fujaira. Today the emirates are best known for being the business and business centre, but Fujairah remains one of Dubai’s most popular weekend trips.

Khor Fakkan

Corniche, with its beautiful palm trees, kiosks, jardins and children’s playgrounds, is a relaxing getaway for the citizens of the surrounding Emirate. Go for only 25 kilometers from Fujairah to a small slept tower of Khor Faakkan, where the busiest activity is of his ports, that dominate a strong position in all UAEs. For its lovely beach and tasty meats, you can visit the place. For a one day picnic, Khor Fakkan is perfect.

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