Best Holiday Destinations in India

A family holiday is an ideal cure for all your issues, whether you are a typical office-going corporate employee or an enterprising young artist, a student who has been working hard for months to get the best grades, or a housewife who works day in and day out to make sure your home runs perfectly.

What better way to forget your concerns and take a break from your routine than at a beautiful holiday destination to spend some quality time with your loved ones? We Indians are blessed with some wonderful choices we do not always consider when it comes to vacation spots.

Best Holiday Destinations in India


Goa has gained the reputation of being the best party destination in India. It can be a perfect getaway for your family, though, and a great way for them to experience a different form of culture compared to your hometown’s.

And then there are the wonderful beaches that are amazing places to visit with their scenic beauty and holiday atmosphere, such as Palolem and Mandrem. All about Goa, from local life to food, is worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime.


Kerala is truly God’s own country and one of India’s biggest tourist attractions, renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty and serene backwaters. The greenery and atmosphere of places such as Munnar and Alleppey make Kerala the country’s finest state to visit with your family and children.

They can take a walk in the tea plantations, enjoy the exciting boat races, or just spend a peaceful evening alone in a houseboat.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

In our very own country, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, an exotic holiday destination will give your family the feeling of a foreign place.

Together, the white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and blue lagoons form landscapes that are unmatched in India by any other destination. You can go snorkeling and scuba-diving or just enjoy the view by relaxing on the beach.


Rajasthan has something that makes it look more Indian than any other state in the world. Rajasthan renders this kind of unprecedented ethnicity a desirable holiday spot. Rajasthan has whatever it takes for a glorious family holiday, from lavish palaces you can stay into humongous forts that take you back in time.

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